Top 12 Sexiest Women Alive

This is a continuation of my previous post regarding the annual Sexiest Women Alive competition of GlobalBeauties. Every year, they have a virtual competition of all the women who competed in the major beauty pageants of the past year and they determine who among them is the sexiest.

Miss Brazil Universe, Natalia I am not really sure of their criteria and who are the judges but let me play judge. My basis is not only how well-proportioned their bodies are but also how they carry themselves.

Some of the finalists were not familiar to me mainly because they competed in the Tourism Queen International (TQI) Pageant. Although last year’s winner was a Filipina (Justine Gabionaza), the competition for me was not just that exciting and well-organized. Nevertheless, I ranked them based on their pictures.

Moving on, I categorized the top 12 to three groups: red hot, warming up, and lukewarm.


Red Hot:

Korea Universe: Honey Lee

She is my favorite to win. She just exudes sexiness from every angle.

Brazil Universe: Natalia

She was not a pre-pageant favorite but her aura during the pageant eclipsed most of the 70+ women competing with her.

Warming Up:

Venezuela Universe: Ly

She is the conventional beauty queen but nonetheless still so earthly sexy.

Ukraine Earth: Galena

I thought she would win the crown or at least be in the semifinals. I guess the judges had a different set of ideas with me and the GlobalBeauties judges.

Greece Universe: Doukissa

This girl won the Ms. Photogenic in GlobalBeauties. I am not really a fan of her face but she has the “Victoria Secret” aura thus my rank.

Dominican Republic World: Ada Aimee

Some pictures of her are not that sexy but visit the GlobalBeauties site and you’ll know why I placed her as warming up.

Australia TQI: Amy Jane

She reminds me of Paris Hilton. ‘Nuff said.

USA World: Abigail

The classic case of the “shrimp phenomenon”. The body is nice, the head we can do without.

Luke Warm

Grenada World: Vivian

I think she is there because of the constant comparison with Beyonce. She has even perfected the signature “underarm” pose of Beyonce.

Serbia Universe: Teodora

She has the boobs but that’s about it. She’s just too dry for me.

Fernando De Noronha TQI: Tamara

Fernando what? I know, I googled it up and apparently it’s in Brazil but I don’t know why her representation is such and not just plain Brazil. Anyway, she’s pretty but too dry for me also.

Angola World: Micaela

I can’t place my finger on what’s wrong with her. She’s pretty and she has the body but together, she’s not sexy for me.

I really wanted to quote the pictures from GlobalBeauties because they were really nicely done but they had the right click disabled from their site so I cannot even copy the pictures so I can host it somewhere and credit them.

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