Project: Weight Loss

I got this idea from Chuvaness. I believe that if I write about it then it becomes a reality. So I went to ticker factory to get my own ticker so that I could track my own weight loss. Starting today, I am putting the weight loss widget on right column of my blog so I have a constant reminder of my project.

I am 5’2″ so 105 lbs is my ideal weight. 110 lbs is not bad but I would like to stretch it to 105 lbs.

Before giving birth to my first daughter, I was 102 lbs. I topped out at 141 lbs. during my 8th month then down to 138 lbs prior to giving birth. After a year, I was able to bring it down to 105 lbs. so I believe that it is doable.

However, I have gained 25 lbs. ever since I started working so I am now at 130 lbs. I gave birth again last year and went up to 150 lbs but I am back at 130 lbs.

Mind you, I am not doing this for only for vanity (but it would be nice to fit back to my old clothes) but because I can already feel the strain on my knees so I better start working on it.

I don’t plan to go on diets because I am breastfeeding but rather I would just eat more sensibly. I would also increase my physical activities. Hiphop Abs, here I come!

Any other weight loss techniques are welcome. Please leave suggestions in the comment box. Aja! Fighting!


8 Responses

  1. portion control, pwede magdiet basta magvitamins especially calcium

  2. teka lang, narealize, eh ako ngayon, 107 pounds eh naglolokohan yata tayo eh

  3. matangkad ka naman sa akin e.

  4. […] mominthecity created an interesting post today on Project: Weight LossHere’s a short outlineSo I went to ticker factory to get my own ticker so that I could track my own weight loss. Starting today, I am putting the weight loss widget on top of my blog so I have a constant reminder of my project. … […]

  5. yeah.. your right.. i’ll try to do it as well I’m 5’8″ at 170lbs.. I use to weigh 135lbs before I got pregant, the ideal weight for me is 135-140lbs.. So that means I have to lose at least 3olbs.. Ok.. goodluck to you.. and to me as well…

  6. hi. you have a very interesting blog here. reading thru your project, i can say that i can very much relate to your dilema. im struggling with my weight as well. last year, i lost a total of 11 lbs (use to weigh 130). im 5’1 and i believe i still have to lose mga 10lbs. anyways, i tried south beach diet and found it effective. i read the book and researched about it. since, i love cooking, i made my own meals.

    perhaps you ought to try it. just remember the basic principle of high protein and no carbs. heck! i even don’t like sugar anymore. im still struggling to shed the 10lbs, but, hey at least i’d slimmed a bit.

    its hard at first. but i know with determination and the right attitude, you’ll succeed.

  7. Yo Momma Djo! I just saw your blog link thru your Twitter page…

    I can totally relate! My knees ache so much too, especially when the weather is cold. I think we’re getting REALLY old! LOL!

    Anyway, before I got knocked up, I did portion control (to limit my intake to around 1200 cal a day) + YogaBootyBallet. The workout was less upbeat than Taebo or Hiphop Abs but it worked better for me. Aside from the fact that the slowness didn’t hurt my knees and chest, it really helped me tone down since I was basically using my body weight as my weights. I lost 35 lbs!

    I want to lose the baby weight now too but having the discipline to workout and eat less is my worst enemy!

    • i know. i got the portion control now. it’s the working out that’s hard coz i have to do it at night. i have to wait for abby to sleep so i’m tired already by then….

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