10 Things I Love about Heath Ledger

Heath LedgerThe world woke up today with the shocking and tragic news of Heath Ledger’s passing at 28 years old. Another case of a young Hollywood star leaving us just when he is at the cusp of stardom. (Yeah, I know he is an A-lister already but I mean the Brad Pitt kind of A plus-list).

The fact that he died on my husband’s birthday just makes it more memorable to me.

I know that I haven’t been posting this week because of my hectic workload. Also, as I’ve said before, I’m still trying to organize my entertainment blog so I am avoiding posting anything showbiz related entries here but I just had to break my silence.

I will not dwell anymore in the negative rumors surrounding his death like illegal drugs and overdosing on pills while with pneumonia since nothing is final yet pending his autopsy. Also, let’s just give him his peace. What’s important is we know that if he did indeed died of substance abuse, we learn from his mistake and will not do the same.

As I was trying to compose my thoughts about Heath, what better way to do it than posting my own list of 10 things I Love about Heath in honor of his first big Hollywood movie (and the movie that introduced him to me).

In random now,

1. His Name.

His name has “star quality”. Unlike some stars (e.g. Thomas Mapother aka Tom Cruise) who have to assume a screen name to give them that recall, Heath’s name is unique enough to make him standout but still easy to be remembered. Trivia: Heath was named after Heathcliff, the main character of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

2. His voice and dance movesHeath in 10 Things I Hate About You

When I first heard his voice, I was charmed by his baritone. He has a passable singing voice as seen in 10 Things I Hate About You. Actually, he sang the football stadium scene too well, that the director scolded him and had to redo the scene. Of course, aside from the singing, the one that caught my attention in that movie was how he easily danced up and down the bleachers. I don’t think it is coincidence that his favorite actor is Gene Kelly.

3. His accent

Who doesn’t love hearing a guy with an accent? An Australian accent to boot…..’Nuff said.

4. He is a good athlete

When he was young and still in school, he had a choice to train either in acting or in field hockey because he was a highly rated player. He was so good that he was a member of the State U17 squad but his passion for acting won over his love for sports and we all know how that turned out.

5. His humor (at least in pet choices)

He used to have a pet kangaroo. No, really!

6. A Knight’s Tale

Heath in A Knight’s TaleAlthough it was not a critical success, so what? For me, movies are a form of escape and I like my movies to be entertaining. Why would I want to watch a movie that would make me feel worse after, right? So in that criterion, A Knight’s Tale ranks high in my list of favorite movies because it never fails to entertain me even if I have seen it a lot of times in HBO.

Actually aside from the nice “visuals” that he provided in the movie, what I loved about the movie is his ragtag army of supporters led by Paul Bettany and their chemistry with Heath.

7. Joker

Joker is one of the most well-known villains of Batman and was brilliantly portrayed by Jack Nicholson. Just by accepting the role proves again that Heath is courageous in choosing his roles. It is a role that could just give him that extra push towards Hollywood’s “elite of the elite”. Unfortunately, he has no chance to see what this role could have done for him.

Note: I read in Perezhilton.com that this role mentally drained him. He had sleepless nights because of the role and had to take sleeping pills like Ambien and Valium just to rest and even with the aid of the pills, he would just sleep for an hour. After the autopsy and if it is proven that this led to his early death, then it’s so unfortunate indeed.

8. His courage to take gay roles

Long before he did Brokeback Mountain with Jake Gyllenhaal, he did a TV series inBrokeback Heath Australia called Sweat, a series about Olympic hopefuls. Actually, he landed 2 roles in the series as a swimmer and gay cyclist and he chose the latter because he felt that the role would make him stand out among the bunch of athletes. Even then, he had no qualms about gay roles since probably he was so secure about his sexuality. This reinforces again his courageous role choices to showcase his talent.

9. His height

I am a sucker for tall guys and 6’1″ or 185 cm makes him almost the same height as my favorite Korean actor Rain. (Ok, I just had to include that….)

10. A loving father to Matildaheath_ledger-with-baby.jpg

We might never know what caused his breakup with Michelle Williams last September but I hope based on the pictures, he really loved his daughter. Even on the official statement of his family, he was described by his father as a “doting father to Matilda”. I read that Michelle rushed to New York and is devastated (who wouldn’t be?). I hope that she would have the courage through this and be a source of strength and guidance to Matilda since she is too young to understand what’s going on. It’s a shame that Matilda will not have a chance to get to know who her father was.

edit: I just saw this touching article about Heath’s relationship with his daughter Matilda. Just look at the pictures and it says a thousand words… http://www.celebrity-babies.com/2008/01/tribute-to-cele.html

Rest in peace, Heath.


11 Responses

  1. […] Mia wrote a outstanding post today on “10 Things I Love About Heath Ledger.” Here’s a quick excerpt: […]

  2. birthday pala ni joey kahapon? nakausap ko pa naman, di ko nabati, ang gulo kasi ng birthday ng mga intsik hehe

  3. hi djo, wow… this is a good article.. even if i’m not familiar with heath, you got my interest.. before i know it.. i’ve finished reading it… you have a talent for writing. keep it up. =)

  4. […] mominthecity wrote an interesting post today on 10 Things I Love about Heath LedgerHere’s a quick excerptUnlike some stars (eg Thomas Mapother aka Tom Cruise) who have to assume a screen name to give them that recall, Heath’s name is unique enough to make him standout but still easy to be remembered. Trivia: Heath was named after … […]

  5. I so agree with U i love ebrything about Heath Ledger (His dead was the most horrible thing in the world) I love his voice, his accent his a father, and a good guy.

  6. I really enjoyed what you posted! Heath was an amazing actor and honestly, my favorite. There is not one of his movies that I didn’t like. Heath was absolutely brilliant! Thank you for your awesome post and may Heath rest in peace.

  7. I Really liked what you post, i absolutley agree with everything you said, btw, i Love his shoulders and muscles too! he is just to die for over all!!!

  8. Only a couple of months ago I had no idea that heath was dead. Well, I kind of did (ish). I only remember seeing it on a newspaper, but only glimpsing at the picture of the joker. Seriously it sucks, it’s like finding out Father Christmas isn’t real. I wish I hadn’t of found out about heath ledger being dead and father Christmas (more heath by a long way).now I’ve now gone all obsessed and I’ve pretty much watch everything he’s been in and now I’m reading Wuthering heights.oh here’s a list of all the things he’s been in( if you’re a little obsessed like me, he is an amazing actor – my excuse!).
    Heath ledger: year- film- role
    • 1992 – clowning around – orphan clown
    • 1993 – ship to shore – cyclist
    • 1996 – sweat/TV – snowy Bowles
    • 1997 – home and away – Scott Irwin
    • 1997- roar – conor (leading role)
    • 1997 – black rock – Toby
    • 1997 – paws – Oberon
    • 1999 – two hands – jimmy
    • 1999 – 10 things I hate about you – Patrick Verona (he looks soooo hot in this)
    • 2000 – the patriot – Gabriel martin (amazing)
    • 2001 – monster’s ball – sonny Grotowski
    • 2001- a knight’s tale- sir William Thatcher/sir wrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland(ok!)
    • 2002 – the four feathers – harry Faversham ( brilliant)
    • 2003 – the order – alex bernier
    • 2003 – ned Kelly – ned Kelly
    • 2005 – Casanova – giacomo Casanova (fantastic)
    • 2005 – the grimm brothers – Jacob grimm (great)
    • 2005 – loras og dogtown – skip engblom
    • 2005 – Brokeback mountain – Ennis del mar
    • 2006 – candy – Dan
    • 2007- I’m not there – Robbie lark
    • 2008 – the dark night – joker (good)
    • (even though he died on the22nd January I think the film was released in 2009- I think)2009-the imaginarium of doctor Parnassus – tony
    He was a amazing actor and a great dad, I hope the best for his daughter Matilda. CJ x

  9. i first saw Michelle Wiliams as an extra on the movie Species and i like her already at her very young age “

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