Brad Renfro snubbed at the Oscars

brad_renfro_031.jpgWell, this will be short.  I just want to point out that it’s a shame that Brad Renfro was left out in the In Memoriam segment of the Oscars this year.

Every year, the In Memoriam is one of the segments that I wait for (no, I’m not morbid) just because I want to remember the artists who have contributed to the entertainment industry (being the show biz junkie that I am).

Of course, this year I really waited for that segment because I wanted to see if they will include Heath Ledger.  (see my previous article about Heath here).

Well, when Hilary Swank introduced the segment and said that some of those who we will remember left too early, I knew that Heath would be there along with Brad Renfro since he died exactly 1 week before Heath.  Although, he died by OD-ing with heroin  (something I don’t approve of), I believed in him as an actor.

brad-renfro-the-client.jpgHis first movie, The Client, was the 2nd John Grisham book I’ve read.  Its film adaptation is  my most watched John Grisham film.  Actually, I loved it because they stayed true to the book unlike The Firm so I don’t get tired watching it.  It also helps that Brad was such a cute kid back then.  I think every one had a crush on him and he was a regular cover of BOP (hee!).  He was brilliant as Mark Sway and he was able to match the acting of Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones (both Oscar regulars) in spite of it being his first movie.

renfro-b-headshot.jpgHe made me cry in The Cure and made me stay with Apt Pupil (although I was bored).  Gosh, I even saw  Tom and Huck for him.   Sadly, his career went on a downward spiral after that.  I think it was last year when I saw his recent picture in PerezHilton and saw that he did not age gracefully.  He was only 24 then but he had a receding hairline already and he just looked plain awful.  I searched us.imdB that time and learned that he had some troubles with the law and was battling heroin addiction. Well as they say, once you go to heroin, there’s no turning back.

Even with the tragic way he died, I thought he would be there since I remember River Phoenix (another favorite of mine) was mentioned even if he died by inducing a lethal combination of cocaine and heroin in front of Johnny Depp’s Viper Club.

I tried researching why  he was not mentioned.  I am not sure about who gets remembered or not but still it’s a shame.  The logical reason is probably because he was not an Academy member.  Cynics would say it’s because of how he died but then again, maybe the In Memoriam editor just plainly forgot about him.   Now, that is SAD.


It seems that I don’t know how to write short.


20 Responses

  1. baka hindi naman dahil sa heroine, si chris farleya and john belushi din yata na in memoriam dati

  2. Brad Renfro is my favorite actor of all time. Even though he is dead He will be my favorite actor tell the day I die. I todally agree with you that was a terrible thing to do to leave out Brad Renfro all I ever hear about is Heath Ledger death Heath Ledger this Health Ledger that. Ok I understand its very sad that Heath Ledger is dead but what about Brad Renfro I mean he is dead to and no one sayes anything about him or his death its all about Heath Ledger that not right to go on and on about an actor and ignor another actor that died I did not even watch the Oscars this year just because they sayed nothing about Brad Renfro im sry its sad that they are both dead but you can’t just ignor Brad Renfro that not fair I am a Big Brad Renfro fan I am a bigger fan of Brad Renfro then Heath Ledger sry to say that but I am 🙂 I will love Brad Renfro tell the day I die even though some people are not sad or don’t care about Brad Renfro being dead I will care and miss him tell the day I die I love him even though he is dead He is my angle 🙂

  3. Aw… 😦 How sad… It sucks to be forgetten even in dying 😦

  4. 😦 I want him to be remembered.They need to have a special thing for him on tv.

  5. Sorry,got URL for website worng(corrected now)…:(

  6. so sad i can’t belive that brad renfro died he was a good actor a saw the premiere the client adn he was so cute in that movie i really i can’t belive that he died

  7. pretty annoying nga talaga when these things happen esp na crush na crush ko yan pati na si heath ledger! hahaha! thanks for dropping by!

  8. I have seen the movie ‘ghost world’.
    In the movie he was so nice.
    I will remember him forever.

  9. I loved your “short” story there, hehe! I love Brad Renfro, his films got me through some tough times and I had a huge crush on him, like many other girls! It’s such a shame that he turned to heroin and didn’t come back from it.. I always wanted to meet him. =(
    Rachel X

  10. Brad, in my mind was to be the next Paul Newman. He had the ability and the eyes of Newman and I’m sure he would have made it. One year later we morn his loss.

  11. I just saw this new Reality TV show thats being aired in the US and not yet here in the Philippines and its called confessions of a teen idol. Its a reality show about actors who were once famous like jeremy jackson from baywatch etc.. the show made me wonder about my 90’s idols like edward furlong and brad renfro i googled them and I’m so shocked that brad is gone I really thought that he’s gona make it like he’s gona b famous actor. What a waste!

  12. How sad 😥 i loved that guy and I didn’t even know he was dead:( r.i.p Brad Renfro Swedish: Du var bäst och….jag älskade dig<33 = You were the greatest and…I loved you<33

  13. I am a fan of his and watch his every film. I am in Thailand so there was even no news about his death. Only Heath’s. I can confidently say that he’s my first favourite child actor (I am about his age). Today, after haven’t heard of him for a big while, I just wonder where he might be and what he might be doing.

    And I found out he’s dead. 😦

    Rest in peace….

  14. what a shock to find out he Brad is dead 2 yrs after it happened. One of the most beautiful young men Ive seen in a long time, and a gifted actor. Rest in Peace Brad

  15. It’s so sad that sucha little amount of people know him, like me who stumbled across a film with him and just disovered that he’s dead. It’s horrible! I just wish he’d known what would happen with him and that he’d have stop taking the dreaded heroins! It’s really sad finding out a young, talented and gifted person threw his life away without knowing. He’s one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen and I hope God will protect all the other young actors, but still. Brad Renfro is irreplaceable and I hope he would rest in peace. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  16. i was going through my movies and ran across The Client so i decided to watch it , After viewing the movie i was wondering what happen to Mark Sway AKA Brad Renfro to be shocked i found out he pasted away. Brad was the best actor in the movies honestly he made the movie. You will be missed Rest in Peace Brad Renfro.

  17. It is such a waste, and a horrible shame that Brad is gone. He was an amazing actor. His sad life will no doubt inspire our youth to stay away from drugs. If you look up his quotes in IMBD is says. “If you haven’t tried drugs, don’t. If you have then pray.” That is a beautiful quote, one I will share with my own girls one day. Children, not only young actors, but children everywhere need to hear his story, his struggle, and his death, so they don’t follow in his footsteps. He was an amazing actor, so natural, never forced. Not many like that these days. Brad, you are truely missed, you were truely admired, and you will always be remembered.

  18. RIP, Brad
    Brad is my favorite actor. I learned he was dead 3 days ago. I’m really sad. I think I has never seen an actor who acts better than him. The Client is certainly one of the better movie that I have watched in my life.
    And now I know that drug is bad. very bad.
    Farewell, Brad.
    I will never forget you.

  19. he was so cute when he was young and i was a big fan and he was a good actor i and will mis till the day i die and that ain’t no lie and i know some people do not care but i do and i hope he rests in peace that he was angel

    RIP Brad
    so sad i am

  20. Boys that work with Joel Schumacher have this nasty habit of turning to hard drugs and being forgotten by the academy, when they die young. Corey Feldman is the only notable exception and will probably just disappear. I’m a fan of Joel’s movies, just not how he seems to get the most out of his actors.

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