Goodbye FrancisM!

My Philippine Idol

My Philippine Idol

It’s been a year since I posted here in this blog. As much as I hate it, it seems that I only post when people who I admire die. Let’s hope I could change this soon.

Anyway, this post is also in my Multiply site.

When Jan Nieto, who was my officemate, was a contestant in Philippine Idol, we were in SM Megamall almost every weekend to cheer for him. However, aside from supporting Jan, my family also looked forward to seeing Francis M who was one of the judges of the show.

You see, my family is a die-hard Eat Bulaga family and being one of the Dabarkads, we really loved Francis M. Actually, among the 3 judges, it is only with Francis that we had our picture taken even if it was with just a camera phone.

Personally, as my jologs Friendster profile says, my two favorite movies are Bagets 2 and Ninja Kids. I’ve been watching those 2 movies since I was 7 until I have burned our betamax. Of course it did not end there because I bought the VCDs when they were released. Guess who is on both movies? Yes, FrancisM (together with Bistek and Monching). Until now, I try to be as cool as Ponce and want a Momo steering wheel. If you don’t get it, then review your Bagets 2 tape.

When he became the Master Rapper, I admit I bought those peace necklaces (yes, I was Grade 4 then). Until now, one of my favorite songs is Kaleidescope World. I guess our Kaleidescope World just lost one of its brightest color. But I’m sure, wherever he is now, he’ll be fine.

And as a true Francis M fan, it’s time to say, “SEAMLESS NA!!!!!”