About Me

I am Djo Ching, a 27-years old working mom married for 8 years to Joey with 2 beautiful daughters, Myka and Abby. I live in Mandaluyong, in the center of this jungle we call Metro Manila.

Why I Started this blog

I started this blog so that I can have an outlet for all the junk kept in my mind. Hopefully, you’re interested.

Of course I have my multiply site but I primarily maintain that for my pictures.

I started this one because I have always been reading about other people’s thoughts but did not have an outlet of my own. I must warn you though that I am not a writer. Actually, I am a numb3rs person but I love reading so might as well contribute my own piece. Another blog in the ocean won’t hurt.


2 Responses

  1. well, I was floating online withougt any direction toward anything in particular(usually I think that’s becoming a good way of discovering interesing and yet hidden sites like urs..) i really liked ur article on rain,,(partly because im Korean,,, )

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