10 Things I Love about Heath Ledger

Heath LedgerThe world woke up today with the shocking and tragic news of Heath Ledger’s passing at 28 years old. Another case of a young Hollywood star leaving us just when he is at the cusp of stardom. (Yeah, I know he is an A-lister already but I mean the Brad Pitt kind of A plus-list).

The fact that he died on my husband’s birthday just makes it more memorable to me.

I know that I haven’t been posting this week because of my hectic workload. Also, as I’ve said before, I’m still trying to organize my entertainment blog so I am avoiding posting anything showbiz related entries here but I just had to break my silence.

I will not dwell anymore in the negative rumors surrounding his death like illegal drugs and overdosing on pills while with pneumonia since nothing is final yet pending his autopsy. Also, let’s just give him his peace. What’s important is we know that if he did indeed died of substance abuse, we learn from his mistake and will not do the same.

As I was trying to compose my thoughts about Heath, what better way to do it than posting my own list of 10 things I Love about Heath in honor of his first big Hollywood movie (and the movie that introduced him to me).

In random now,

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Rain will not sing in the Beijing Olympics

Last week, I read in the news that my Korean husband, Rain (Bi), was offered by the Olympics Organizers to sing the official in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


Of course, as a fan of Rain, I was happy to hear that he was offered such as a prestigious opportunity. It would immensely boost his career as a world star if he would be able to showcase his talent in the Olympics especially that he has an upcoming international movie, Speed Racer, to be directed by the Wachowski brothers. The Wachowski brothers are the same people behind The Matrix series.

However, with this offer, a round of cyber debates between the Chinese and the Koreans ensued. This is of course because the Chinese were questioning the organizer’s choice of choosing a Korean in the Beijing Olympics when there are a number of good Chinese singers who can do the honors.

As much as I love Rain, I understand the appeal of the Chinese. The Olympics is their chance to showcase to the world what they have to offer and and it would be ironic if a foreigner would be doing one of the highlights of the show. Although we are all Asians, and Rain is arguably the most recognized Asian singer nowadays, it would still be more appropriate to see a Chinese singing in the Olympics.

That is why I am so proud of Rain’s decision to turn down the organizers because for him it makes more sense if a Chinese would be the Voice of the Olympics.

It is very hard to get this kind of opportunity but it is even harder to turn down such offer knowing the exposure that you can get. He is still planning to hold another event in the Olympics but not as the main voice of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

I wish him good luck and I hope that this ends the cyber debates that are on going.

Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye split up

I just have to blog about my first Korean “boyfriend”.  Although people  know that my Korean “husband” is Rain (Bi),  it all started when I “met” Lee Dong Gun (LDG).

I started my Korean obsession when I watched Lovers in Paris and I was so smitten by the second lead, LDG.  While majority was rooting for the lead guy, Park Shin Yang (PSY), I was also rooting for PSY to get the lead female so I could have LDG.  I was so heartbroken for him when the female lead turned him down.

LDG is also the first Korean actor I have seen in person.  It was my first time “stalking” a celebrity  when we went to Dusit Hotel when we learned that he was checked in there.  At that time, there were already rumors that he was dating Han Ji Hye (HJH), his costar in Sweet 18.  Their Movie, My Boyfriend is Type B, is also the first K-movie that I ever downloaded.

I’ve always liked the chemistry of these two and was so happy for them when they finally revealed last year that they were dating in real life for more than 2 years already.  Like in Philippine showbiz, it is hard for Korean actors to admit if they are dating because some fans are extremely jealous of their idols.  But for this two,  it seems that fans have their blessing because they very well-liked.

But alas, some good things have to end.   It’s just so sad that the news that they broke up after 3 years came up just when the new year is rolling in.  I could just imagine him in all of his dramatic scenes in LIP cryng, or maybe not. It was said that because of their demanding schedule that realized that they have to part.  It’s also noteworthy that LDG might be drafted into the military this year.

Anyway, I wish the two good luck.  (Hehehe, as if they could read my blog…)