65th Golden Globes Awards

Due to the Writer Union’s strike, the 65th Golden Globes Award Show was canceled. TheGQ ad for Mont Blanc Actor’s guild already said that they will not allow members to attend the ceremony in support of the Writers. Of course, would anyone watch a bunch of reporters (The Golden Globes are from an international group of entertainment reporters) hand awards to whoever had the guts to cross the picket line?

However, apparently, they still announced the list of winners. Personally, I don’t think it would have made such a difference if there was a show or not. Just look at the list below and save for a handful, I am not familiar or excited about them. Sorry to the fans of the other winners but I think Johnny Depp would have been only high point in the show.

Oh and of course, would anyone miss this year’s Miss Golden Globe, Rumer “Potatohead” Willis?. I certainly won’t.

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