Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye split up

I just have to blog about my first Korean “boyfriend”.  Although people  know that my Korean “husband” is Rain (Bi),  it all started when I “met” Lee Dong Gun (LDG).

I started my Korean obsession when I watched Lovers in Paris and I was so smitten by the second lead, LDG.  While majority was rooting for the lead guy, Park Shin Yang (PSY), I was also rooting for PSY to get the lead female so I could have LDG.  I was so heartbroken for him when the female lead turned him down.

LDG is also the first Korean actor I have seen in person.  It was my first time “stalking” a celebrity  when we went to Dusit Hotel when we learned that he was checked in there.  At that time, there were already rumors that he was dating Han Ji Hye (HJH), his costar in Sweet 18.  Their Movie, My Boyfriend is Type B, is also the first K-movie that I ever downloaded.

I’ve always liked the chemistry of these two and was so happy for them when they finally revealed last year that they were dating in real life for more than 2 years already.  Like in Philippine showbiz, it is hard for Korean actors to admit if they are dating because some fans are extremely jealous of their idols.  But for this two,  it seems that fans have their blessing because they very well-liked.

But alas, some good things have to end.   It’s just so sad that the news that they broke up after 3 years came up just when the new year is rolling in.  I could just imagine him in all of his dramatic scenes in LIP cryng, or maybe not. It was said that because of their demanding schedule that realized that they have to part.  It’s also noteworthy that LDG might be drafted into the military this year.

Anyway, I wish the two good luck.  (Hehehe, as if they could read my blog…)