PBB2: Open Letter to ABS-CBN

With the recently concluded Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 as Ruben Gonzaga as the big winner, let me share an open letter written by my sister in her multiply blog. I share the same sentiment as her so here is her letter in full.

(Picture credit: Pinoy Big Brother 2 Official site)

” I am a part-time housewife if you may, living in Canada. My main form of entertainment is watching shows on the internet and reading blogs and forums.  It’s winter and there is nothing to do outside unless you want to catch a cold or flu.

You could say when Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 started, I subscribed to ABS CBN now and immediately got hooked.  Either I didn’t just have anything else better to do or I found the characters/housemates extremely fascinating, it did not matter.  What I liked was knowing these people and being able to “spy” on them 24/7 waiting for something exciting and getting to know how they would project their true selves.  I doubt anyone could pretend for that long, if you will be able to, I commend you for that is a feat in itself. For me, it was much like getting hooked on watching “Friends” when you feel you knew the characters even if you didn’t (I still love my Rachel and Joey).  PBBCE2… It was social experiment at its best.

Last night was the big night, the grand finale when they announced who the big winner was.  Fourth place went to Will, third place went to Gaby, second place was Riza, and big winner was Ruben.

Now I don’t even want to complain about how the livestream telecast is sometimes  mostly ABS-CBN’s logo (coincidentally happening when there are truly exciting things happening) or complain about the absolutely annoying housemates they stuck in (Jen that 26K girl and Yayo Aguila).  Or they way they Forced Evicted Jon but let Gaby unscathed when it was clearly her who first asked what should they do if they were asked to nominate and instigated that WHOLE conversation.  Or even why did they not stop the voting for Jon when they have decided he would be forced evicted?

I just want to know… has it all been fair thougout?  Was it really reality til the very end?  Did Ruben really win over Riza? And somebody please answer this…. Why are you pretending Mariel Rodriguez’s very disturbing, if I may say, “actions” still have gone unacknowledged? What has ABS CBN done to acknowledge Mariel cussing at Riza Santos.  And why are you guys protecting Mariel, a no-talent (No sing, no dance), no-brain (What is Reuters?), and no-manners girl ( I don’t even have to enumerate).  Is it because her brother in law is a Garcia? Is it because her manager is Boy Abunda? Or is it because ABS CBN is just waiting for things to blow over and pretend nothing happened.

As a viewer of 24/7, I know that the portrayal of the housemates through their primetime show is not the same as how they are 24/7. They edit to make people look bad, they edit to make people look good.  I know its TV, but let us not forget, it should be reality TV.  And we are watching 24/7, we know what really happened apart from those that they edit for TV.  Why offer 24/7 livestream when they manipulate viewers into thinking otherwise.

Why? Why? Why????  As a concerned consumer I think we all need the answers to these questions, don’t you think?

Please feel free to circulate the letter and hopefully it reaches the right people.


PBB CE2: Mariel Cussing Riza

One of the shows that I religiously follow (yeah, guilty pleasure) is the Second Edition of Pinoy Big Brother. Before the resident house pests (Ethel Booba and Mariel Rodriguez) went out, they had a bachelor’s party for Ruben, one of the housemates who got married while inside the house. After she had a few drinks, she approached co- house pest Ethel and started cussing one of the housemates, Riza for no apparent reason. Well, it’s because Ethel likes Will Devaughn, another housemate, but Will is closer to Riza.

All the while, Riza had no idea of what was going on. Background: Riza says that she is a virgin and has had no boyfriend since birth. She is very religious and wants to wait after marriage before having sex. Of course, some don’t believe this given that she has posed for the local FHM before she entered the big, yellow house.

I have been watching this show from the start and I know that the girls who stayed (the first 4 evictees were women so they had no chance to bond with the others) do not like Riza. Riza is closer to the guy housemates, 2 of whom also grew up abroad just like her. Personally, I think they don’t like her because they are insecure of her. Come on, she’s a former Ms. Canada who lives up to her title. She’s poised, prim and proper. If she’s faking it then I’ll give her a best actress trophy because they have been inside the house for more than 76 days and I have not seen her lose her composure yet.

Baron Geisler correctly read Mariel before. She’s the poster girl of a Tupperware Queen (read: plastic). She’s nice to you but badmouths you the moment you turn your back to her

See Video.