Top 12 Sexiest Women Alive

This is a continuation of my previous post regarding the annual Sexiest Women Alive competition of GlobalBeauties. Every year, they have a virtual competition of all the women who competed in the major beauty pageants of the past year and they determine who among them is the sexiest.

Miss Brazil Universe, Natalia I am not really sure of their criteria and who are the judges but let me play judge. My basis is not only how well-proportioned their bodies are but also how they carry themselves.

Some of the finalists were not familiar to me mainly because they competed in the Tourism Queen International (TQI) Pageant. Although last year’s winner was a Filipina (Justine Gabionaza), the competition for me was not just that exciting and well-organized. Nevertheless, I ranked them based on their pictures.

Moving on, I categorized the top 12 to three groups: red hot, warming up, and lukewarm.

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Sexiest Woman Alive 2007

Honey Lee, Ms. Korea 2007 is one of the Top 12 finalists of the Sexiest Woman Alive 2007 of GlobalBeauties. You may show your support for her by voting for her here.

I have been one of her fans since I saw her day 1 of the Miss Universe pageant and how I wished that she was given a decent interpreter during the pageant night. That would have made a whole world (or universe) difference and we might have had our first Korean Miss Universe.

People who know me might say that I am biased towards Korea because of my love of Korean dramas (most especially of my virtual husband, Rain) but really take a look at her. She might be a product of Korea’s famous plastic surgery culture but then again, that was her choice.

Next post will be my thoughts on other finalists.

photo credit: Reuters