WordPress vs. Blogger

When I decided to blog, I chose between WordPress andBlogger among all the other free blog hosts available.  Eventually, I chose WordPress because of the good reviews I read about it and because I wanted to migrate to wordpress.org eventually.

But I overlooked one detail for WordPress, that is, Google Adsense is not available in wordpress.com.  If I wanted to put up my Adsense, I have to migrate to wordpress.org which was my original plan as soon as I have gathered critical mass of blog readers.

This led me to explore my other choice, Blogger.  Knowing that Blogger is now owned by Google, I knew that putting Adsense in my blog would be a breeze.  While I was creating a new blog with Blogger, I found it easier to customize with other add-ins and the support is more extensive.

The advantage of wordpress for me is it is easy to write posts here and to monitor site stats.  However, the more I explore Blogger, the more it made sense for me to move in there because of overall easier blog management.

Therefore, watch out for my new and improved blog once I have set up my Blogger entries.  My new blog would be tighter in terms of content and would have a signature way of posting.

By the way, my Blogger account would not be mominthecity anymore since it is not available anymore.

Hint:  My Blogger account name would reflect the way I would post and it would showcase  mainly the majority of the referrals I got in my 2 weeks stay here in wordpress.

I will still maintain this site but edit its content so that it would really contain my original plan for it, that is a blog for moms.


Yugatech 2008 New Year contest

Yugatech is holding a contest for bloggers and I want the 1- year free hosting and domain so I could transfer my blog to wordpress.org and be able to customize it.

All I have to do is to mention the sponsors here in my blog, Auction.PH and plogHost.  How easy could that be?

I have visited Auction.PH and  they have a wide range of available stuff there.  For those who are looking for good buys and don’t want to get out of the house, here’s an option for you.

Happy New Year again!